Parisian born designer Ahlem Manai-Platt, launched her first collection in 2014 introducing a line of glasses exuding exceptionalism.


Lead by an abiding obsession with arts and culture, AHLEM sets out to craft generational, class eyewear that embraces streamlined simplicity and elegance. The vision of Ahlem is informed by a rigorous attention to detail, an ingrained commitment to sustainable practices and an insistence on using materials of stupendous quality.


From the timeless application of early 20th century Bauhaus design principles to the polished production process that preserves the tradition of original craftsmanship, AHLEM celebrates elegance to a refined degree.

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Key features

Made entirely in France, each pair of AHLEM glasses tells a story of artisanal expertise.


Throughout production, the glasses travel to three specialised ateliers and into the hands of nine skilled artisans, each with a particular craft passed down through generations.


Crafted in either custom 8mm acetate blocks, finished with raw bevelled edges and engraved temples, or Palladium electroplated with 22 Carat Gold.


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