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We connect with innovative brands that merge transcendent designs with functionality so that we may improve the overall access to premium eyewear.


Our partner brands encompass traditional design principles that welcome evolving trend setting. We seek out designers that encourage customers to embrace their whole self, welcome their true character, and lead with originality.


Our list of brands have been carefully curated to offer great diversity in expertise. From traditional hand-made methods to modern textile manipulation, innovation is found in every individual style. Each brand is not only relevant but globally demanded by a wide range of audiences.


Explore the new era of eyewear today.

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We’re passionate about brands that exude significance and substance. If your brand aligns with our current list of industry leaders, either by way of history and generations of know-how, technical evolution, innovation, or through a fashion-forward lens – enquire below.


Our team is particularly enthused by impeccable design, forward motion and an outward display of exquisite craftsmanship. Allow us to elevate your market presence with expert industry knowledge and on-ground connections to broaden your scope.