The story of L.G.R began in 2005 when founder, Luca Gnecchi Ruscone (L.G.R) paid a visit to one of his grandfather’s old eyewear and camera lens stores in the Italian expat community of Eritrea in Africa. During his visit, Luca uncovered a trove of untouched vintage sunglasses from the early 1900s. Enamoured by their ancestral craftsmanship, Luca set out to bring the same authenticity back to modern eyewear designs.


After observing a shared admiration for these items within his inner ‘market’ Luca created L.G.R, helping to rebirth a former factory, and bring life back to the vintage emblems and manufacturing techniques of eyewear designs.


Respecting the traditional methods of production from the past, L.G.R remains entirely handmade in Italy by three artisanal families, who build each frame from start to finish. L.G.R has since been long adored by the Italian fashion scene, worn by notable names such as Giorgio Armani, Margherita MIssioni, and Mario Testino.

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Key Features

With elegance and authenticity at the forefront, L.G.R serves to preserve the heritage of eyewear mastery through designs that speak to traditional Italian craftsmanship. Class and excellence define the style of L.G.R frames, exuding finesse and poise in each collection.

Made exclusively by hand, in Italy with only Italian materials.


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