People sometimes wonder why AHLEM's small-batch collections take longer to fabricate than mass-produced frames. The answer lies in our process, which relies on the original, irreplaceable technology of human expertise. Our method is built on respect- for the product and the materials, for our clients, and for the craftsmen who make AHLEM's award-winning eyewear possible.

Every AHLEM frame is made from scratch by a team of skilled artists working in concert. Over a sequence of nearly 200 steps per piece, each specialist contributes their unique talent- polishing, cutting acetate, laser-engraving, beveling, hand-painting and more- which has been cultivated and perfected over a lifetime. As individuals, these artisans obsess like soloist over the smallest details of their part. Collectively, they perform the choreography of creation.

At each stage, the integrity of the work is confirmed before advancing, effectively eliminating the possibility of defects. If the smallest imperfection is detected, the craftsman retouches the piece by hand.

Satisfying our expectation of perfection takes time- no step could be eliminated, compressed or collapsed without sacrificing excellence- but the results tell a remarkable story. As our offerings grow, so does our quality. Thanks to the rigor of our production and the consistency of our craftsmanship, consumer returns have dropped to 1% and we've reduced our refusal of goods rate to zero.

Making things properly is painstaking work, but the rewards reverberate. We see them in the radical reduction of production waste, the preservation of valuable heritage techniques, and the creation of heirloom-caliber eyewear we're proud to share with the world. We feel them in the loyalty and enthusiasm of our clientele, who respond to the care we put into our products. AHLEM frames might take a bit longer to bring to market, but it's paid back tenfold in their longevity. Good things come to those who wait.

Ahlem Manai-Platt