District Vision

District Vision


California, USA


District Visions researches and develops tools for mindful athletes, creating products that are equally function-first and performance enhancing. They believe in a holistic approach to athleticism and the idea that mental wellbeing is the
foundation of every form of physical exercise.
Their first experiment was initiated in 2014 when they started testing sports eyewear technology with a group of downtown runners. Combining real-life feedback with Japanese engineering, the Keiichi running sunglass system was born – a proprietary solution for athletes, handmade in Japan.
As part of their holistic vision for the project they want to make meditation available to more runners and active souls in New York and beyond, through a series of talks and their Mindful Athlete Program (MAP), working with leading teachers in both fields.

Key Feature

The District Vision lenses are engineered in Japan with the specific purpose of reducing strain on the eye caused by physical exertion. The eye is a fundamental sensor to the human brain. They conduct experiments around eye protection and relaxation to allow athletes and explorers to reach their human potential.

Science of the mind. Science of the eye.
District Vision unites science and eastern philosophy to study a holistic approach to protecting and releasing the eye muscle to enhance physical performance. Made in Japan, their therapeutic-grade lens technology represents the future of product development for sports and wellbeing.