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Res / Rei




Renowned for their refined sophistication, abstract colour combinations and shapes, RES / REI is a family-owned brand rooted in generational expertise. Hand-assembled in Northern Italy with distinctive design elements, RES / REI is among the most recognisable brands in the eyewear industry.


Translating to ‘the thing’ in Latin, RES / REI reflects an existing object, with considered substance and form, while also inspiring an idea. ‘Oculi sunt in amore duces’. ‘In love, the eyes are our guides’.


Everything is about passion: from the ambition to make an innovative project, to the enthusiasm of working closely with artisans that build each frame by hand. If, in love, the eyes are our guides, RES/REI is a new way to look at the world.​

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Key Features

With its brilliant custom colour combinations and innovative application, RES / REI produces carefully crafted, beautifully designed eyewear, made to last a lifetime. Each pair of RES / REI frames exude quality and authenticity, made to bring unique expression to all wearers.

Made in Italy with love


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