Forged from an oneiric landscape, permeated by poise and inclusivity, Valentino, in partnership with evolutionary eyewear specialists Akoni Group, celebrates authenticity and luxury in its eyewear collection, all the while reaffirming the maison’s couture legacy in the world of fashion.


Using history as its foundation for inspiration, the one-of-a-kind designs emanate refined mastery with tangible quality that speaks to the luxury of the wider brand. In prioritising fine materials, evolved techniques and advanced technologies, Valentino assures beauty and lasting quality in its frame offering.


Under the recently appointed creative direction of Pierpaolo Piccioli, a new set of values enter the Valentino design house, inspiring the development of emerging frame wear: grace and delicacy, both as an attitude and as a silhouette; a celebration of individuality; emotional beauty; and the blending and merging of different languages.

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Key Features

While remaining faithful to its heritage, contemporary humanism leads a creative quest to spotlight the personality of the wearer. In keeping with the quality and splendour of the Valentino brand, each pair of frames aims to remain synonymous with elegance, pureness, craftsmanship, uniqueness.​


Handmade in Japan.


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